Tatiana Simonenko

mentor, lecturer, author
of digital courses

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About me.

I am a mentor, author and lecturer on digital courses. I came to IT in 2013 from HTML/CSS, I worked in a company and as a freelance front-end developer and tech lead of digital projects.

I have an experience of online individual mentoring of 200+ students at HTML Academy, online group teaching at Netologia and offline group mentoring at Epic Skills Digital Profession School.

In IT since 2013, in education since 2010
Author and mentor of front-end development and digital project management courses
Mentor for >200 people
Code reviewer for >1000 people


200+ individual students

93.7% of my individual students succesfully passed their graduation projects.

I teach students how to solve problems. I don't accept bullshit code. I support you in difficult times.

I don't think there are any stupid questions.
I can explain complex things in simple terms.

Course author, lecturer.

I created courses and classes for junior and middle developers. I developed methodological materials, “do’s and don’ts” code examples, screencasts, checklists, intermediate tests to consolidate the material, reference implementations, demos, final projects and final tests to review knowledge.

Code review.

There are more than 1000 students in total.

2014-2021: Code review in basic and advanced HTML courses, JavaScript and WordPress at Epic Skills School of Digital Professions and HTML Academy.

2016: I checked homework and monitored the quality of projects in the Digital Project Management course at Epic Skills. This course was the most practical - the student of the course had a real customer and a team of graduates of design, HTML/CSS and JavaScript courses.